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welcome to, here you can get ANATOMY GUESS PAPER 2022 which is really helpful for 2nd year MBBS student for their annual examinations.



1. Regarding the histological structure of the female reproductive system


2. Regarding the histological structure of the female reproductive system:


3. A patient attended the surgical clinic with the complaint of acute colic, the pain was radiating from the left loin to the groin on the same side. On Investigations the case diagnosed as stone in the left ureter. The stone could get impacted where the left ureter:


4. The ligaments which support the uterus are the following, except:


5. During routine examination of a young woman, the surgeon found that the medial group of the superficial inguinal lymph nodes was enlarged. This enlargement was diagnosed to be due to spread of cancer. The primary cancer in this case could be located in:


6. A mid-line posterior vaginal tear in a mismanaged delivery in a nulliparous woman is likely to damage the following structures, except:


7. A patient suffering from the scrotal swelling was diagnosed as malignant growth (cancer) of the right testis; the growth could spread through lymphatics to the following groups of lymph nodes:


8. The deep perineal pouch in the male contains the following structures, except:


9. A patient cannot speak more words lesion is located in?


10. Fine motor movements are controlled by?


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