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Attempt any TEN questions

1A middle aged, obese female’ visited the doctor for difficulty in standing and walking for long time. On clinical and radiological examination she was diagnosed as a case of flat foot due to planter arches.

a. Name different arches with their key stone.
b. What are the factors which normally maintain these arches?
235-year old female presented with swelling in the upper part of thigh. On examination diagnosis of femoral hernia was made.

a. Name the structures forming the boundaries of femoral triangle.
b. Name the contents of femoral triangle
3A tissue labeled as MUSCLE was sent for histological examination. Histologist is to determine what type of Muscle it is? Mention in tabular form difference between histological characteristics of different types of Muscles.
4A baby was born with a birth defect present in the lower part of the back. On examination the diagnosis of meningocele a type of spina bifida was made. Look at the questions and answer the following questions

a. What is the embryological origin of this defect?
b. How the neural tube develops and name the other types of neural tube defects?
c. Enlist other derivatives of germ layer which gives rise to nervous system.
5A histopathologist was requested to Identify the type of epithelium in a given slide of respiratory tract.

a. What type of epithelium lines the respiratory tract?
b. Classify epithelium with examples.
6A female in late pregnancy was referred to doctor for sudden bleeding per vagina. After clinical and ultrasound examination, she was diagnosed as a case of placenta previa.

a. Name the components from which placenta is derived.
b. What are the features of full term placenta?
c. Mention any three functions of placenta.
7Classify the muscles according to architecture give examples?
Classify the joints according to their structure. Give at least one example
8MRI of middle age lady showing a mass at the level of central tendon of diaphragm.

a. Name the major openings with structures passing through it at this level.
b. Name important structures related superior to it.
c. Name its nerve supply and effects of its contraction on respiration.
9New born baby was diagnosed as a case of erb’s palsy (upper trunk) of brachial plexus

a. How and where upper trunk of brachial plexus is formed?
b. Name the muscles supplied by upper trunk
c. What is typical position of upper limb adapted in this case?
10A teacher was delivering a lecture on mediastinum to the medical students of 1st year MBBS. Draw & label the diagram showing different divisions of mediastinum and also give the contents of the middle mediastinum?
11Give histological features of lymph node along with diagram.
12A child of three years of age developed fever and subsequently weakness of lower limbs. He was unable to walk properly and on raising his Leg fell down on the same side. He was diagnosed as a case of POLIOMYELITIS. He had a different Gait then normal which was described as Waddling Gait.

a. What is the anatomical basis of this Problem?
b. What is Trendelenburg’s sign?
c. What factors determine the stability of Hip joint when person stands on one leg and foot of opposite side is raised.

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