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UPDATED ON: 10-9-2023

1Fahad Asghar sodhar187
2Pardeep kumar186
3Akash mashori184
4Masoom khokhar183
5Asif lakhiar183
6Urooj shaikh179
7Shahzeb khushk177
8Masroor Almani177
9Kashaf memon176
10Mohsin memon176
11Shahzoor panhwar176
12Sarfraz thaheem175
13Tahir soomro175
14Yasmeen babar175
15Ali chandio175
16Abdul Fatah lashari174
17Aliyan thebo174
18Aliza meerani174
19Kashif Ali174
20Sachal samo173
21Safia jamali173
22Ume farwa173
23Nitasha panhwar172
24Sanaullah khoso172
25Aiman arain170
26Fatima panhwar170
27Iqra janweri169
28Abdul shakoor169
29Muskan panhwar168
30Barkat Ali sodhar168
31Sajjad jamali168
32Waseem shahani167
33Murad panhwar167
34Hina chandio167
35Asif khoso167
36Mubashir khuskh166
37Shahzaib vighio166
38Rani mallah166
39Mujahid gadhei166
40Fahad jamali165
41Imtiaz thaheem165
42Wajid khoso165
43Siraj ahmed164
44Areeba arain164
45Tabsum soomro164
46Fahad qureshi164
47Mohsin jatoi163
48Ghulam chandio163
49M. Khan lakhiar163
50Aqsa hyder Qureshi162

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