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NameDOW Medical College
LocationMission Road, Nanak Wara Nanakwara, Karachi City, Sindh
AffiliationDow University of Health Sciences
ProgramsMBBS, BDS, FCPS, BDS, BSN, PharmD and BBE
FacultyVery Experienced and Qualified
FacilitiesModern facilities, including a functioning hospital, a library with all the necessary equipment, labs, and lecture rooms
Extracurricular activitiesSports & fitness, Cultural & Social events and Conferences & workshops
Scholarships & financial Supportscholarships awarded on the basis of merit and support schemes for needy students
AccreditationPakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)
HostelSeparate Boys and Girls Hostels
Phone Number(021) 99216901
Email Address

Detailed Information About Dow Medical College

Dow Medical College, located in Karachi, Pakistan, is a prestigious medical institution that has been providing quality medical education for over 75 years. The college is affiliated with the Dow University of Health Sciences and offers undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses. Here is a detailed look at Dow College, its history, academic programs, facilities, and more.


In order to give Pakistani students access to a high-quality medical education, College was established in 1945. The governor of Sindh, Sir Hugh Dow, who was influential in establishing the college, was honoured with its name. The Dow College has expanded both in size and reputation throughout time, and it has graduated some of Pakistan’s best doctors.

Academic Programs:

The undergraduate and graduate medical programmes offered by Dow Medical College are diverse. The bachelor’s degree programmes in medicine and surgery (MBBS) and dental surgery (BDS) are offered at the undergraduate level. Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS), and Master of Science (MS) programmes are among the postgraduate options.

The MBBS programme is a five-year study that includes a required internship in the first year. Students will graduate from the programme with a thorough grasp of the medical sciences and be ready to work in the healthcare field. Similar to this, the BDS programme is a four-year degree programme that also requires one year of internship. Students who complete the programme will have a thorough grasp of dental sciences.


Modern classrooms, well-equipped labs, and a sizable library are just a few of Dow Medical College’s modern facilities. The library gives students access to internet databases and other tools in addition to housing a sizable collection of medical books, periodicals, and research papers. There is a large auditorium at the campus where seminars, conferences, and other events are hosted.

The Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi is another facility that serves as a teaching hospital for Dow Medical College. Millions of people receive medical attention at the hospital each year, which is one of Pakistan’s biggest public hospitals. Modern facilities at the hospital include a trauma centre, critical care unit, and cardiac care area.


The faculty of Dow Medical College is made up of a group of professionals that are dedicated to giving their students a top-notch education. The faculty consists of professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and lecturers with experience in a range of medical specialties. In addition to instructing the students, the faculty members also mentor, direct, and inspire them to engage in academic pursuits like research.

Student Life:

The student life at Dow Medical College is active, with several organisations and organisations that cater to the interests of the students. The student council of the institution is in charge of planning a variety of activities, such as cultural festivals, sporting events, and academic conferences. Students can express their thoughts and concerns on a forum provided by the student council.

A gymnasium, a pool and a cricket pitch are among the sporting amenities available at Dow Medical College. The institution also features a cafeteria, which offers a place for the students to hang out and relax while serving a range of food and drinks.


One of Pakistan’s most esteemed medical colleges, Dow Medical College has a long history of offering top-notch medical instruction. The institution offers modern infrastructure, a staff of highly trained teaching members, and a choice of undergraduate and graduate medical programmes. With a variety of clubs and foundations that cater to the diverse interests of the students, the institution also offers a vibrant student life. Dow Medical College is a great option if you want to pursue a career in the healthcare sector.


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