Unlock the secrets of success in Forensic Medicine with Dive deep into the KMC FORENSIC MEDICINE 2021 PAPER.

We at are aware that quality has no boundaries. To make sure you have access to the best possible preparation materials, our team of renowned academic specialists and medical professionals has carefully examined every facet of the 2021 Forensic Medicine paper. The KMC paper on forensic medicine is evidence of the school’s dedication to academic excellence and rigour in medical education. Our in-depth analysis provides a rare look at the format, nuances of the questions, and subject matter, giving you unmatched knowledge in this ever-changing industry.

1Define Forensic Entomology? Give lifecycle, collection & preservation of insects invade the dead body
2Give steps of examination of female victim in case of Rape. How will you collect the evidence
3Define and classify Asphyxia. Describe postmortem Findings in a young girl who is found in her room hanging from a ceiling fan
4Enlist the Essentials of Medicolegal Autopsy. How will you Open the Skull in case of fetal Autopsy
5Define Medical Evidence. Give steps of recording of evidence in the Court of Law
6What is the medico-legal importance of blood stain at scene of crime. Give different methods for examination of blood stain
7Define Shajjah and give its classification with related sections according to Qisas & Diyat Ordinance
8Define professional misconduct with type(s) & example(s)
9Give parameters of personal identity & how will you determine the sex from pelvis & skull
10Define and classify ballistics. Tabulate comparison points of entry firearm wound and exit firearm wound
11Compare & contrast the any two of the following:

1. Dying declaration & dying deposition
2. True Virginity & false Virginity
3. Fracture of Hyoid bone in Hanging & Strangulation
12Short note:

a. Vitriolage
b. Type(s) & example(s) of professional misconduct
c. Electrocution
d. Subpoena

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