Welcome to, the leading online platform, we offer unparalleled insights into the realm of KMC FORENSIC MEDICINE 2023 PAPER. One of the most important components of medical education is forensic medicine, which deals with the use of medical knowledge in legal situations. Our in-depth analysis of the KMC 2023 paper clarifies the complex intricacies of this discipline and offers insightful information about the themes, question kinds, and format of the test.

1What is Medical Negligence? List the suitable examples occurs in different medical and Surgical specialties
2Classify HURT according to Qisas and Diyat Ordinance and write down types of shajjah
3A Doctor found guilty of professional misconduct. Write the procedure of disciplinary action
4List Changes after death and define Cadaveric Spasm
5Describe Autopsy under following headings:

a. Objectives of Medical legal autopsy
b. Hazards of Autopsy
6Define infanticide act and Differentiate between live born and still born child
7Discuss cause, mode & manner of death
8Write down the various types of sexual perversion/deviations
9Define Personal Identity. Discuss the parameters of Identification
10List the various type of laceration & their medio-legal importance
11Define Hanging. Describe the mechanism of death & post mortem appearance of ante mortem hanging
12Write short notes on any three of the following:

a. Dying declaration
b. Dactylography
c. Tentative cuts

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