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Khairpur Medical College, located in the historical and cultural setting of Khairpur. Pakistan, is a center of distinction in medical education. With a tradition-rich past and a commitment to innovation. KMC has emerged as a key institution defining the region’s healthcare future. The KMC 1st Pathology Test is a critical milestone in the academic careers of aspiring medical professionals. It provides a comprehensive assessment of students’ knowledge of pathological concepts, diagnostic procedures, and disease causes. The test, created by a team of experienced educators and healthcare experts. Rigorously assesses participants’ knowledge, critical thinking skills, and clinical reasoning abilities. At, we recognize the value of thorough preparation and comprehensive learning resources.

That is why we have compiled a multitude of study materials, practice examinations, and professional insights. To assist students with their Pathology Test preparation. Whether you’re a seasoned scholar or a novice learner, our platform provides. The resources and advice you need to succeed in this rigorous exam. Aside from academic accolades, the 1st Pathology Test symbolizes the spirit of inquiry. Curiosity, and commitment to the noble art of healing. It demonstrates KMC’s unwavering commitment to developing well-rounded medical professionals. With the knowledge and abilities required to meet tomorrow’s healthcare issues.

1Describe in detail The RBC and draw and label the diagram of RBC along with functions
2Describe in detail the WBC, Types and their function
3What is the Orchitis and C.A of the TESTES
4What is ovarian cyst and what is the consequences of burst of the ovary
5Describe in detail the thyroid and what is thyrotoxicosis

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