KMC Comprehensive test 2022

KMC Comprehensive test 2022 provides the Khairpur Medical College (KMC) Comprehensive test 2022 based on BCQS and was conducted on 29-10-2022.

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Test 1 ( PART 1 )

1. Cancer of the stomach is a common disease and may spread through lymphatics. Cancer from the body of the stomach may spread to the following primary group of lymph nodes except;


2. A sixty-five years old man who was suffering from duodenal ulcer was brought to the hospital in a state of shock indicating severe internal hemorrhage. The blood vessel which could be eroded in such a case would include :


3. Following are not the functions of spleen


4. Blood supply to the greater curvature, of the stomach is accomplished by the;


5. Stomach is separated from stomach bed by;


6. Caput medusa are dilated velar around the umbilicus associated with the following structures except;


7. The commonest position of vermiform appendix is;


8. The posterior surface of the stomach is related to the;


9. Double bubble sign is characteristic radiologic feature which of the following pathological condition


10. The right paramedian incision in the Infraumbilical part of the anterior wall of the right rectus sheath is likely to injure the


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