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Attempt any ONE question from section A


1How many types of nasal polyps. Describe the management
2Define Meniere’s disease. Give its Etiology, clinical feature and treatment

Attempt any SIX questions from section B


1A 50 years old female gives history of Canty, foul smelling discharge from right ear of two years duration, associated with hearing loss. On otoscopic examination, she has attic perforation of tympanic membrane.

a) What is your diagnosis
b) Briefly describe the pathology
c) What investigations are required
d) – How will you manage
2A 8 years young boy comes to you with history of brief episodes of nasal bleeding of one year duration

a. What are possible causes
b. Which blood vessels may be involved
c. What investigations are needed
d. Briefly describe its management
3A female thirty years of age complains of decreased hearing both ears which is gradually worsening. Hearing is better in noisy surroundings. Voice is quite. On otoscopy tympanic membrane is normal.

a. What is the most probable diagnosis
b. What would be the finding:
1. On TFT (Turning Fork Tests)
2. On pure Tone Audiometry.
c. How will you manage this patient?
4A male fourteen years of age presents with recurrent epistaxis and right nasal obstruction for last six month. On examination there is a mass in the right nostril and nasopharynx, pinkish in color lobulated and bleed on touch.

a. What is the most probable diagnosis
b. How will you confirm your diagnosis
c. How would you manage the patient
5A child ten years of age has recurrent attacks of acute tonsillitis; more than five attacks per year for three years. On examination there is anterior faucial flare, cheesy substance coming out of tonsillar crypts enlarged jugulodigastric lymph nodes.

a. What is your diagnosis
b. 1- What is the treatment for this patient
2- Enumerate indications for tonsillectomy
c. What is :
1- Primary hemorrhage
2- Reactionary hemorrhage
3- Secondary hemorrhage
6A young man of 20 years develops severe headache, facial pain, nasal discharge and nasal obstruction following a common cold a week ago. Nasal examination shows purulent discharge in Right nostril and X-ray shows opacities of maxillary sinuses.

a. What is your diagnosis
b. What is the etiology of this condition
c. Briefly describes its management
7Plummer Vinson syndrome

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