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Attempt any ONE question from section A


1A 24 years old male patient came in OPD with the complaint of thick foul smelling & Occasional blood stain discharge from his right ear for the last one year .Examination of tympanic membrane shows posterosuperior marginal perforation with whitish material.
Give in Detail:

a. The investigations requiring for this patient
b. The requiring treatment for this patient
c. The complications that can occurs if this patient is not treated properly
2A 49 years old male patient come to the OPD with complaint of change of voice, respiratory distress on exertion and same times noisy breathing for the last 3-4 months. He was smoker for the last 35 years. IDL shows an extensive growth on eight side, involving full length of true vocal cards and extending both above and down to involve supraglottic as well as sub-glottic region. Right vocal card was fixed and air way was compressed due to the growth.

a. How will you investigate this patient
b. What are different options of treatment for this patient
c. What are different options of rehabilitation of voice for this patient?

Attempt any SIX questions from section B


1Name three indications of TONSILLECTOMY and discuss how tonsillectomy will help these patients. What are different types of heamorrhage which can occur in tonsillectomy patient? How will you manage them?
2A girl ten years of age presents with fever and swelling in submental and right submandibular region for four clays. On examination skin over the swelling is red and swelling is tender. First molar tooth right lower jaw is carious

a. What is the most probable diagnosis
b. What are the causative organisms
c. How will you manage it
3A 13 years old girl complaints of permanent nasal obstruction. Examination of nose revealed that septum is deviated to right with some hypertrophy of left inferior turbinate. Her haemoglobin level is 10 gm %.

a. What is the best surgical treatment for her
b. What are the differences between SMR and septoplasty
c. Enumerate complications of SMR
4A 5 year old child complains of fever, right sided otalgia for the last few days. On examination there is hyperaemia of the tympana-membrane and conductive deafness

a. What is your diagnosis
b. Flow will you treat the child
5Write short note on Boil Ear
6Write short note on Septal Haemotoma
7Write short note on Vocal card Nodules
8Write short note on Laryngocele

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