Physiology 2nd year paper

Physiology 2nd year paper provides the Physiology 2nd year paper of Batch 07 KMC 2022, which took place in the month of December.

Physiology 2nd year paper:

Attempt any TEN questions

1Describe the steps of synthesis of thyroid hormone.
2Define the pressures which favors and oppose the filtration in kidney ?
3Write short note on any TWO

a. Organ of corti
b. Primary sensation of taste
c. Brown-Sequard syndrome
4a. What are normal fasting and random blood glucose levels ?
b. Name hyperglycemic hormone and mention how these increase blood glucose level ?
5Name the hormone of adrenal cortex. What is role of cortisol in inflammation and stress ?
6Name the hormone responsible for calcium homeostasis. What are the main function of parathyroid hormones ?
7a. Write down the factor affecting Glomerular filtration rate ( GFR )
b. Mention tubuloglomerular feedback mechanism.
8a. What is synapse ? Summarize the mechanism of synaptic transmission at a chemical synapse.
b. Name and define five basic type of sensory receptors
9a. Name two major somatic sensory pathways and list sensation transmitted by each
b. Differentiate between fast and slow pain
10a. Mention the functions of middle ear.
b. What are the primary taste sensations ?
11a. What are the main function of insulin? Summarize how its secretion is regulated ?
b. Differentiate between type-I and type-II diabetes mellitus
12Write short note on any TWO of the followings:

a. Role of cortisol in stress
b. Hypothyroidism
c. Cushing syndrome
d. Acromegaly

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