ANATOMY 2nd year paper

ANATOMY 2nd year paper provides the Anatomy 2nd year paper of Batch 07 KMC 2022, which took place in the month of December.

ANATOMY 2nd year paper:

Attempt any TEN questions:

1Nasal mucosa becomes swollen and inflamed during upper respiratory tract infections,

a. According to your knowledge enumerates the areas where infections of nasal cavities may spread
b. what is Epistaxis
2Women complains of diplopia when walkup downstairs

a. Name the nerve which could be damage.
b. Enumerate extraocular muscle with their nerve supply.
3a. Discuss histology of Liver.
b. Draw label diagram of “classic hospital lobule”
4a. Name the nerve which could be damage.
b. Enumerate extraocular muscle with their nerve supply.
5Write down the derivates of 3rd phalangeal arch.
6A female presented with uterine prolapse a gynecologist wants to treat the case. she must know the following aspects before surgery.

a. What is pelvic diaphragm
b. What are the main supports of uterus
c. What are the contents in Broad ligament of uterus
7A 45 years old female came in OPD with the complains of inability to perform the alternate movements rapidly. The doctor was suspecting the lesion in the cerebellum.

a. Describe the layers of cerebellar cortex?
b. Briefly describe the cells present in these layers?
8Enumerate the boundaries of 4th ventricle of brain.
99. 49 years man present with acute abdominal pain and jaundice resulting from tumor at the head of pancreas.

a. Using your knowledge name the structures tumor can obstruct.
b. Name the arterial supply of pancreas.
10A woman undergoing thyroidectomy, post operatively She suffer from loss of sensation with in the larynx from the vocal folds upward to the entrance into larynx, allowing for aspiration of liquid into airway.

a. According to your knowledge which nerve could be damage.
b. Name the unpaired cartilage of larynx.
11a. Mention the area of ureteric constrictions

b. What is the blood supply of kidney.
12After an intramuscular injection a patient developed anesthesia over the area of buttock.

a. What could be the safest area of intramuscular injection at buttock.
b. What are the contents of ischeorectal fossa.