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NUMS PAPER 2023 ( PART 1 )

1. In isochoric process:


2. If 42 J heat transferred to the system during expansion, what is the change in internal energy when work done is 32 J.


3. The first law of thermodynamics is the generalization of the law of conservation of:


4. While studying charging and discharging of a capacitor, Rc= Resistance × Capacitance is known as


5. In parallel combination of two capacitors, their equivalent capacitance is equal to:


6. The SI unit of capacitance is:


7. 1 KWH=


8. Volt × Ampere is the unit of


9. If the length of the wire becomes two times to its original value and area becomes one half to its original value then resistance of the wire becomes;


10. When a charged particle enters the magnetic field parallel, it will:


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