PHARMACOLOGY PAPER 2018 Your Path to Success for Khairpur Medical College Pharmacology Paper 2018. Boost your performance and excel in pharmacology. Get thorough explanations, responses. Get in-depth justifications, answers, and analyses for the 2018 Khairpur Medical College Pharmacology paper. This resource is beneficial for aspiring medical professionals. With thorough explanations and informed guidance at your fingertips, you can enhance your planning. Lets begin your journey now.


Attempt any ONE question from section A


1What is drug treatment of Type-2 Diabetes
2Classify anti tuberculosis drugs. Discuss in detail the mechanism of action and side effects of first line agents

Attempt any FIVE questions from section B


1Write 5 merits and demerits of Halothane
2Name the opioid analgesic and their uses
3Describe the mechanism of action of Biguanides ( Metformin ) and their adverse effects
4Name any 4 Aminoglycosides and describe their mechanism of action and list any 3 side effects
5Classify Benzodiazepines and what is mechanism of action Benzodiazepines
6Describe the mechanism of action of Beta-lactam antibiotics ( Penicillin )
7What is mechanism of action and adverse effect of aspirin
8Briefly discuss the clinical uses and adverse effects of morphine

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