PHARMACOLOGY PAPER 2019 Your Path to Success for Khairpur Medical College Pharmacology Paper 2019. Boost your performance and excel in pharmacology.


Attempt any ONE question from section A


1How would you explain the mechanism of action of Digoxin and its effects on cardiac contractility and autonomic regulation of electro-physiologic properties of the heart
2Classify corticosteroids. Briefly discuss clinical uses and side effects

Attempt any SEVEN questions from section B


1Briefly describe the mode of action of Nitrates used in the treatment of angina pectoris
2Describe the role of Dopamine Agonist & Anticholinergics in the treatment of Parkinson disease
3Define Biotransformation. How many phases of drug biotransformation do you know
4a. Define mechanism of Chloroquine as anti-malarial drug
b. How the parasite are eradicated from liver
5a. Name the 1st line drugs used for pulmonary tuberculosis with doses
b. Write mode of action of Ethambutol
6Classify Anti-Hypertension drugs. Describe the mode of action and side effects of Captopril
7Classify ulcer healing drugs. Write down the mechanism of action of Sucralfate
8Name the various groups of drugs used in congestive cardiac failure Discuss role of ACE inhibitor in CCF

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