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All about PHYSIOLOGY BI-ANNUAL PAPER 2021 is an online platform that provides access to the Khairpur Medical College Physiology Bi-Annual Paper 2021 for medical students.

1st Year Bi-Annual Paper, Batch#07

Attempt any TEN questions.

1.Define factors which increases and decreases venous return?
2.Define the stages of systolic phase.
3.Define heart sounds.
4.Define the various pressures in respiratory system.
5.Define composition and functions of surfactant.
6.Define iron deficiency anemia.
7.Define the classification of white blood cells (WBCs)
8.Define immunity and its types
9.Define the composition and functions of cell membrane.
10.What is transport and its types
11.Name the capacities of lungs and define functional residual capacity
12.Describe the process of transcription.

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