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Attempt any TEN question

1Classify anti diabetic drugs. Write down the side effects of insulin
2Classify cell wall synthesis inhibitors. Write down the mechanism of action and mechanism of resistance of penicillin
3Classify drugs use to treat gout
4Define Antagonism. Discuss its types with example
5Write down 5 clinical uses of anticholinergic drugs
6Classify cephalosporins and side effects of cephalosporins
7Write names of osmotic diuretics. Mention contraindications of frusemide
8Classify drugs used in hypertension. Briefly discuss role of ACE inhibitors in hypertension
9Define biotransformation, mention its phases and their importance in drug life
10Discuss briefly clinical uses of Corticosteroids
11Briefly discuss drugs used in various of epilepsy
12Write short note on any two with examples:

a. Peptic ulcer
b. Asthma drugs
c. Anti-malarial drugs

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