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Attempt any TEN question

1Mention various groups of drugs used in hypertension. Briefly discuss role of ACE inhibitors in hypertension
2Classify beta receptors antagonists drug. And enlist clinical uses of Propranolol, at least four from cardiac and four from extra cardiac uses
3Classify Diuretics on the basis of Site of Action. Mention any four clinical uses of Furosemide
4Enlist various groups of drugs used for Type 2 Diabetes. Discuss mechanism of action of Acarbose.
5Discuss any four specific side effects and four indications of / for long term use of Corticosteroids
6Write down mechanism of action of barbiturates and enlist any three adverse effects and three clinical uses of barbiturates
7Classify anti-bacterial agents (Antibiotics) on the basis of mechanism of action. Write down any three specific side effects of Fluoroquinolones
8Name the drugs used in the treatment of Glaucoma and write down the mechanism of action of acetazolamide
9Write down the mechanism of action of aspirin and mention any three specific clinical uses and three side effects of aspirin
10Define biotransformation, mention its phases and their importance in medical field
11Define any two following terms, with examples:

a. Potency
b. Potentiation
c. Pro-drug
12Write short note on any two with their any two specific clinical uses:

a. Adrenaline
b. Atropine
c. Amantadine

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