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Welcome to MDcat1.com, the premier website for students studying for the Medical and Dental College. Admission Test (MDCAT) at the University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Pakistan. It had a format of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and covered a range of subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, and English. The test was designed to evaluate students’ knowledge, critical-thinking abilities, and readiness for medical and dental studies. We Designed our website is to offer thorough assistance and support to aid students in realizing their dreams of working in the medical industry.

You may discover a thorough study of the UHS MDCAT paper on this page. Which covers the exam’s format, amount of questions, length, and scoring system. We offer insightful information about the exam’s level of difficulty. The kinds of questions given, and the topics covered, all of which may drastically improve your exam preparation. Remember, the UHS MDCAT 2018 is a stepping stone towards your dream of becoming a healthcare professional. Don’t lose sight of your goals, put in a lot of effort, and let mdcat1.com be your dependable travel partner. All the best!


MDCAT 2018 (PART 1)

1. The thickest chamber of human heart is


2. The enzymes required for kreb cycle are found in ____.


3. Coccyx vertebrae are located in _____ .


4. Cell mediated immune response is given by;


5. Crosing over take place during ____ od meiosis


6. During breathing air from pharynx enters to


7. Gradual break down of the alveolar wall leads to which type of disease in a smoker ?


8. Which of the following hold the alpha helix of protein in its place


9. If molecule can bind to another site of enzyme rather than the true active site, it is referred as ____


10. ____ is the site of light independent reaction


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Comments 3

  • Please recheck your answer key as many are wrong and can be misleading.

    • Thank you for correcting the answer on MDCAT1.com! Your dedication to accuracy and quality is much appreciated. Yes there were key mistakes on page 1 and 2 but now these are correct and matched with UHS OFFICAL KEY. If you find any mistake please let us know. Your dedication to accuracy is reassuring and invaluable for MDCAT preparation.”

  • in paper of 2018 (part 5)
    the correct answer of question no 10 is analogous organ but in your answer key homologous organ in correct but this answer is wrong analogous organ are the organ that have same structure but have different function

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