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Station 1

1. Causes of retention of urine
2. Indications of folley’s catheter
3. Renal failure causes
4. Hematuria

Station 2

1. Define Borbyogami sounds
2. Bowel sounds absent in which condition
3. Splashing sound heard in which condition
4. Define vascular bruit

Station 3

1. Define Ryle’s tube
2. Define gastrocolic reflex
3. Define gastrostomy
4. Define H.Pylori

Station 4

1. Define Hypothyroidism
2. Its symptoms
3. Effect of thyroid hormone on metabolic activity
4. Effect of T3 and T4 on CNS


1. Lobes of cerebellum
2. Function of neo-cerebellum
3. Cerebellar diseases
4. Symptoms of Cerebellar diseases

Station 6

1. Location of primary visual cortex
2. Define visual pathway
3. Function of primary visual cortex
4. Define lesion of optic chiasma

Station 7

1. Name the superficial reflexes
2. Name the deep reflexes
3. Calf muscles contract by which reflex
4. What is Babinski sign

Station 8

1. Identify the diagram
2. Neuronal pathway of light reflex
3. Define Argyll Robertson pupil
4. What is direct and consensual light reflex

Station 9

1. What is this instrument and its function
2. Define Schwabach’s test
3. Mention two receptors for sensation and vibration
4. What is primary auditory cortex and its Broadman’s number

Station 10

1. Mention three primary smells
2. Define olfactory pathway
3. Secondary messenger for excitation of olfactory cells
4. Define anosmia and phantosmia

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