All about DUHS MDCAT PAPER 2022

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All about DUHS MDCAT PAPER 2022


1. Hepatitis is caused by


2. Syphilis is caused by a bacteria called as


3. Presence of remnant of pelvic girdle in whale and snake although they never have legs, shows evidence from


4. Photosynthetic bacteria liberate


5. Plasma membrane is


6. Water is the most abundant compound in living organism its amount varies from


7. The phase in which bicuspid and tricuspid valves open and semilunar valve close which produce 2nd heart sound (dub or dup). This phase is known as


8. Phenotype ratio of law of independent assortment of genes


9. Triose and glycerol is used in the synthesis of


10. They are inhibitors of key enzymes in the nervous system


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  • Can we ask questions here?

  • Due to sudden rain, which of the following is true for the car moving on the road

    a)Force of engine decreases
    b)Linear momentum increases
    c) Balance Will not be maintained
    d)Direction of motion will be effected
    Can I get reason why correct option is b

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