FORENSIC MEDICINE TEST 2023 Provides you the past FORENSIC MEDICINE PERIODIC TEST 2023 of Khairpur Medical College, which was held on 17-5-2023.

Attempt any SEVEN of the following

1A. Define law & its types
B. Define court of law & its levels of instances
2A. Define court evidence & its types
B. Write down the stages of recording of court evidence
3A. Differentiate dying declaration from dying deposition
B. Write down the privileges & obligations of RMPS & RDPS
4A. Define professional mis-conduct along with its 5 A
B. Define consent & its types
5A. Define hurt & classify it on the basis of part of body involved
B. Define qatl & its types
6A. Define schizophrenia & name its types
B. Define the terms illusion & delusion
7A. Differentiate rigor mortis from cadaveric spasm
B. Write down the clinical judgement criteria for death certification
8A. Tabulate the differentiating features of delayed post-mortem phenomena
B. Sketch the life cycle of house fly
9A. Write down the levels of obstruction in respiratory tract along with the type of Mechanical asphyxia
B. Differentiate hanging from strangulation
10A. On the basis of anatomy differentiate poisonous snake from non-Poisonous snake
B. Classify antidote on the basis of their mode of actions

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