Master Khairpur Medical College KMC General Pathology 2023 paper with Access detailed exam analysis, strategic study resources.

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1Define acute inflammation. Give its causes and cardinal Features
2Define neoplasia. Describe characteristics features of Malignant tumors
3Write down the types of necrosis with examples and Etiological causes of each
4Name the numerical abnormalities of chromosome. Describe Down’s syndrome
5Define edema. Classify edema on the basis of etiological Factors
6Enlist the causes of cell injury. Discuss hypoxic cell injury
7Write short note on any two of the following:

a. Apoptosis
b. Hypersensitivity type I reaction
c. Healing by primary intention
8Write short note on physical methods of sterilization
9Briefly describe mycobacteria
10List the bacteria causing beta hemolysis. Describe lesion caused by scarlet fever
11Classify protozoa? Describe shortly anyone of them
12Name DNA viruses and briefly mention Hepatitis B virus seromarkers

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