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1. The work functions of Cesium (Cs), Potassium (K) and Sodium (Na) are 2.14 eV, 2.30 eV and 2.75 eV respectively. If incident electromagnetic radiation has an incident energy of 2.20 eV, which of these photosensitive surfaces may emit photoelectrons


2. The net magnetic flux through any closed surface is :


3. If the galvanometer G does not show any deflection in the circuit shown, the value of R is given by :


4. A 12 V, 60 W lamp is connected to the secondary of a step down transformer, whose primary is connected to ac mains of 220 V. Assuming the transformer to be ideal, what is the current in the primary winding


5. A full wave rectifier circuit consists of two p-n junction diodes, a centre-tapped transformer, capacitor and a load resistance. Which of these components remove the ac ripple from the rectified output


6. In a plane electromagnetic wave travelling in fire space, the electric field component oscillates sinusoidally at a frequency of 2.0×10^10 Hz and amplitude 48 Vm^-1. Then the amplitude of oscillating magnetic field is: ( Speed of light in free space is = 3 × 10^8 ms^-1 )


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