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1. In motion of satellites, necessary centripetal force is provided by:


2. In ripple tank 40 waves pass through a certain point in one second. If the wavelength of the waves is 5cm, then find the speed of wave


3. The product of frequency and time period is equal to:


4. Trough of a wave acts as:


5. In Doppler effect if listener moves towards a stationary


6. Refrigerator is an example of


7. In a certain process. 400 J of heal energy Is supplied to a system and at the same time 150 J of work is done by the system. The increase in internal energy of system is _____ .


8. The rapid escape of air from a burst tyre is an example of:


9. The bicycle pump works on the basis of:


10. Two positive point charges are placed 2m apart. The electric potential at mid-point due to these two charges will be:


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