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NOTE: We only know the question and right answers so other options can be change from real paper.

1. Which one of the following is result of centripetal acceleration in a body


2. The momentum of photon is written by


3. Which particle has a mass equal to that of an electron


4. X-ray is highly electric wave with short wave length. The nature of x-ray is


5. The range of projectile motion of its maximum value. The range of projection is:


6. The product of frequency and wavelength of a wave is equal to


7. Jet plain engine develops thrust 400N and flying speed 200m/s, the power of engine is:


8. Weight lift consumed 1000 J of energy to lift load in 2 seconds, the power consume


9. Body moves in circular path may have constant:


10. The object is moving faster than speed of sound


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