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1. If during circular motion, tangential velocity of a body becomes double then centripetal force becomes ;


2. Under what condition an object will have zero displacement but non zero distance?


3. Which one of the following properties is not exhibited by the longitudinal waves?


4. The speed of sound in air is 332m/s, the speed of sound at 22 C will be:


5. Astronomers calculate the speed of distant stars and galaxies using which of the following phenomena?


6. In a ripple tank, 40 waves pass through a certain point in 1 second. If the wavelength of the wave is 5 cm, then speed of the wave is:


7. In which process the entire heat supplied to the gas is converted to the internal energy of the gas?


8. The internal energy of a system during an isothermal process:


9. If the potential at a point which is 1m from a charge is 1 volt, them the potential at a point which is 2m from the same charge will be:


10. The values of electric intensity will due to the presence of dielectric medium


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