sindh MDCAT 2021 conducted by pmc provide Sindh MDCAT 2021 which was an online exam administered through tablets conducted by PMC on 16 September 2021.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PMC took exam online, although security and integrity measures were still in place. To avoid cheating and guarantee fairness during the testing process, the PMC, for instance, used a variety of technologies and procedures. Given that it was a requirement for enrollment in Sindh’s medical and dental institutions. The MDCAT 2021 was a crucial occasion for aspirant medical and dental students in the state. There were many candidates competing for a few number of slots in the best medical institutions throughout the exam, which was quite competitive. The effective online administration of the Sindh MDCAT 2021, an important exam for the province’s medical aspirants, demonstrated how adaptable and robust the country’s educational system is in the face of difficulty. With the help of, prepare with assurance, strive for perfection, and win the MDCAT 2021. This is the beginning of your career in the medical and dentistry fields.

As we mentioned that it was an online exam. So we are trying our best to collect questions from different sources. To help the Mdcat aspirant for their future Mdcat exam.


MDCAT 2021 ( PART 1 )

1. The equation of kinetic energy is


2. Kinetic energy is


3. If maximum height of projectile is 800 m at 45 degree then maximum range is


4. Two projectiles at angle of 30 and 60 degree were launched at 3m/s and 4m/s, the ratio of maximum height is


5. What is the unit of energy


6. What is the direction of centripetal acceleration for an object moving in a circular path?


7. The relation between v and ω is


8. The distance between two consecutive crust or trough is


9. What does the amplitude of a wave represent


10. The point where amplitude is maximum called


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