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1. One method of creating an inverted population is known as _____ and consist of illuminating the laser material with light


2. In population inversion (Ruby Laser) atoms can reside in the excited state for:


3. If electrons of charge ‘e’ moving with velocity ‘v’ are accelerated through a potential difference ‘V’ and strike a metal target, then velocity of electrons is:


4. In X-ray tube, electrons after being accelerated through velocity ‘v’ strike the target, then the wavelength of emitted X-rays is:


5. In the reaction, the electron emits from the


6. According to the equation particles, what are the atomic and mass numbers of ‘Y’


7. A certain radioactive nuclide of mass number ‘x’ decays by β-emission and α-emission to a second nuclide of mass number “t”. Which of following correctly relates ‘x’ and ‘t’


8. During the decay of radioactive isotopes to a stable isotope, six α-particles and four β-particles are emitted, what is the atomic number ‘Z’ and mass number ‘A’ of the stable isotopes.


9. Cobalt 60 is used in medicine and is an intense source of:


10. In fluid flow, for the equation of continuity A1v1 = A2v2. If velocity of the fluid at one end is doubled, then what will be the cross-sectional area at this end


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