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1. Which of the following graph represents the output of an X-ray


2. The continuous spectrum of X-ray is formed due to:


3. Wavelength of γ-rays is:


4. Thorium is transformed after the transmission of β-particle into:


5. Emission of γ-rays from radioactive element results into:


6. The relation between decay constant ‘λ’ and half-life ‘T 1/2’ of radioactive substance is:


7. Radioisotope which is used to combat cancer of thyroid gland is:


8. Sodium-24 is used for:


9. Energy radiation absorbed at the rate of one joule per kilogram is called:


10. The time period ‘T’ of a simple pendulum depends on its length ‘l’ and acceleration due to gravity ‘g’ using unit dimension. The correct equation for time period is:

NOTE: This question was deleted


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