UHS MDCAT 2017 Paper

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UHS MDCAT 2017 Paper

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The MDCAT 2017 exam, which saw the debut of a new curriculum and format, was a significant turning point in this test’s history. 220 multiple-choice questions encompassing four subjects English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics made up the UHS MDCAT 2017 exam. The exam lasted for two hours and thirty minutes. Instead of testing memorization skills, the new format that was implemented in 2017 was designed to evaluate critical thinking and analytical abilities.

The MDCAT paper contained four sections: Biology, Chemistry, English and Physics. The Biology part had 88 questions, Chemistry had 58, Physics had 44, and English had 30. Examining applicants’ knowledge, understanding, and analytical abilities was the goal of the paper. Many candidates thought the 2017 paper was difficult overall, however those who prepared properly and understood the material thoroughly were able to do it well. Keep checking mdcat1.com for additional details and resources regarding UHS MDCAT Papers.

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UHS MDCAT 2017 Paper

MDCAT 2017 ( PART 1 )

1. Low partial pressure of oxygen in tissues favours ____ of oxyhaemoglobin.


2. Respiratory tubules are termed as bronchioles when they attain the diameter ____ or lesser:


3. Elastic fibres are absent in the walls of ____ :


4. A type of blood cell that produces heparin is


5. Thoracic lymph duct of the lymphatic system opens into :


6. Select the part of nephron which is NOT permeable to water and stops its outflow:


7. Vessels which carry blood to the glomerulus are called


8. In ECG, QRS wave represents:



9. When water content in body becomes high, what will happen:


10. The major factor in producing hypertonic urine is:


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