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An eagerly anticipated test, the MDCAT exams, was held on August 25th, 2019. 200 multiple-choice questions, each worth one mark, made up the exam. The examination usually lasts 150 minutes. The paper included Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as its four main subjects. Chemistry had 58 questions, Biology had 88, Physics had 44, English had 10, and Biology had 58 questions. The objectives of the questions were to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge, comprehension, and application of each subject’s topics. With our extensive collection of study guides, mock exams, and professional advice, get ready to succeed. Maintain an edge over the competition and learn more about the exam’s structure, content, and scoring system. Achieve success on the 2019 MDCAT and open the doors to your ideal medical profession. Sign up with MDCAT1.com now to start your path to excellence.

Overall, the UHS MDCAT paper was a demanding exam and assessed the candidate’s subject-specific knowledge and proficiency. Exam achievement was based on extensive preparation and subject comprehension. Mdcat1.com offers applicants helpful tools and advice to help them study for the UHS MDCAT tests and succeed in their medical professions.



1. In chemiosmosis the proton (H+) pumps moves from:


2. Microtubule subunits (for spindle fibers) are synthesized in _____ phase.


3. If stimulation is above _____, impulse travel to the brain along the sensory neuron.


4. Substances responsible for increasing the set point of the hypothalamus are called:


5. During inspiration the space inside the chest cavity is increased due to:


6. Which of the following hormone stimulates the ovulation from the follicle into oviduct?


7. The covalent bond or bridge between two monosaccharide is called as:


8. Site of protein synthesis is:


9. Water and Minerals move down their concentration gradient through plaswodesmata, to cells of cortex, endodermis,pericycle and then to sap in the xylem cell. This is also known as the:


10. Given below is the diagram of nephron without vascular supply.

What is name of part C ?


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  • in question no 10
    the type of energy reduced by the enzymes for biological reactions to occur is called ACTIVATION ENERGY
    at here the correct answer is active energy which is wrong

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